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Wiring Harness Design Training

Wire harnessing design is the process of creating a layout and plan for the arrangement of electrical wires and cables in a system. This includes designing and integrating various connectors, terminals, and other components necessary for the installation of wires.

The primary objective of wire harnessing design is to ensure that the wiring system operates efficiently and safely, without any risk of electrical shorts, misconnections, or other issues. The design should consider factors such as the type of wires and cables, the number and location of connectors, the routing of wires, and the overall layout of the system.

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Course Content

5 Months Program

  • Introduction to wire harness design

    • Definition of wire harness
    • Importance of wire harnesses in electrical systems
    • Applications of wire harnesses
  • Wire types and specifications

    • Types of wire
    • Wire gauges and diameters
    • Insulation materials
    • Jacket materials
  • Harness routing and installation

    • Harness routing considerations
    • Installation methods
    • Routing protection and strain relief
  • Connector types and selection

    • Connector types and their features
    • Selection criteria
    • Connector installation and termination
  • Electrical testing and troubleshooting

    • Overview of electrical testing
    • Troubleshooting techniques
    • Tools and equipment used for testing
  • Design tools and software

    • Overview of wire harness design software
    • Harness design tools and their capabilities
    • CAD software for wire harness design
  • Industry standards and regulations

    • Overview of industry standards and regulations
    • Key organizations involved in wire harness standards
    • Compliance requirements
  • Case studies and real-world examples

    • Case studies of wire harness design and implementation
    • Examples of wire harnesses used in different industries
    • Discussion of lessons learned and best practices
  • Project work

    • Hands-on design project
    • Design, fabrication, and testing of a wire harness
    • Presentation of final project results
  • Final exam and course review

Wire harnessing is the process of bundling wires and cables into a single unit, typically for use in vehicles or electronics. It helps to organize and protect wires, improve safety and reliability, and simplify installation and maintenance.

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