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BIW Fixture And Plastic Design Training

Smart CAD is a training institute that specializes in BIW Fixture and Plastic Design. The institute provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in the industry. The training programs are designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the various tools and techniques used in the BIW Fixture and Plastic Design processes.

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Job Oriented Programs


BIW Fixture

BIW fixture is a type of tooling used in the manufacturing of automobiles, specifically in the Body-In-White (BIW) assembly process. The BIW assembly is the process of joining together the sheet metal components that form the car body before painting.


Automative Interior Plastic

Automotive plastic and interior design are important components of a vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. Automotive plastics are used in various parts of the vehicle, including the dashboard, door panels, and interior trims, to improve the overall appearance and durability of the vehicle. 


Wiring Harness Design

Wire harnessing design is the process of creating a layout and plan for the arrangement of electrical wires and cables in a system. This includes designing and integrating various connectors, terminals, and other components necessary for the installation of wires.

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Most frequent questions and answers

BIW Fixtures training is a specialized training program that helps individuals to learn the skills required for designing and manufacturing fixtures used in the automotive industry.

BIW Fixtures are the specialized tools that are used to hold the automobile parts in place during the welding and assembly process.

The benefits of BIW Fixtures training include gaining knowledge of design and manufacturing, increased job opportunities, and a higher salary in the automotive industry.

Individuals who are interested in learning about BIW Fixtures can attend the training, including engineers, technicians, and designers.

Yes, there are many job opportunities available in the automotive industry after completing BIW Fixtures training, including roles such as BIW fixture designer, BIW fixture engineer, and BIW fixture technician.