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BIW Fixture Training

BIW (Body in White) fixture is a tool used in the automotive industry for assembly line production of car bodies. It is a specialized jig used to hold and position different components of the car body, such as the doors, hood, and roof, in their exact location during the welding and assembly process. This ensures that the car body is assembled accurately and consistently, according to the design specifications. BIW fixtures are custom-made for each car model and are an essential tool for efficient and precise production of car bodies.

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Course Content

5 Months Program

  • Introduction to BIW fixtures and their applications in the automotive industry
  • Understanding different types of fixtures used in BIW assembly
  • Detailed study of fixture design and development process
  • Basics of welding, welding joints, and its importance in BIW fixtures
  • Overview of welding processes and their suitability for different materials
  • Understanding the importance of tolerances and measurement techniques in fixture design
  • Hands-on experience in designing and developing BIW fixtures using CAD software
  • Study of different materials used in fixture manufacturing and their characteristics
  • Overview of fixture assembly and its importance in maintaining quality and accuracy
  • Analysis of fixture maintenance and repair practices
  • Safety considerations for fixture design, development, and usage
  • Case studies of successful BIW fixture design and development projects
  • Future trends and advancements in BIW fixture technology.

A BIW (Body-in-White) fixture is a specialized tool used in automotive manufacturing to precisely hold and position vehicle components during assembly. It is essential in ensuring accurate and consistent alignment, resulting in high-quality and safe vehicles.

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